How Carpet Cleaners Contribute to Recycling and Solid Waste Management

One of the best arguments for regular carpet cleaning is that doing so helps prolong the life of your carpet, thus cutting down on the need to replace old carpeting with new ones. With the right kind of cleaning techniques, stubborn stains, widespread dirt and grease in carpets, and any bacteria buildup in your current carpet can be successfully removed. When done right, carpet cleaning atlanta company will give you back your carpeting almost as good as new. So, if you have been thinking of replacing old, worn out carpeting with new ones, remember that simply keeping up with regular cleaning and maintenance can cut down on the need to replace your carpets altogether.

One of the advantages of this is the money that you can save from not having to purchase and pay for the installation of new carpets. But one added advantage, and one that isn’t quite as obvious to someone whose main interest is clean and aesthetic surroundings is the fact that you will not be adding further waste into the environment.


Each year, an estimated 2.2 billion kilograms of carpet goes to landfills. This is still minuscule compared to the total number of waste that we generate annually, but it is still a significant number.

For environmentally-conscious individuals, it may be helpful to know that regular carpet cleaning not only prolongs the life of your carpets, and thus minimizes the need to replace old carpets with new ones, but also that carpets can be recycled. If you do replace old carpeting with new ones, you have the option of recycling old carpeting instead of just throwing them out until they end up in landfills.

Aside from a move towards green carpet cleaning methods, the carpet industry has also made a move towards recycling old carpets. Fibers can be broken down and recycled into new items or products, and in fact, may even be used to create new carpets, in the form of fiber or backing.

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The main difficulty is that these moves towards recycling old carpets depend, to a large extent, on the personal initiative of private individuals who own the carpets in the first place. They have a choice between just throwing away old carpets, and of reaching out to recycling centers that accept carpets for recycling.

In point of fact, you can support this move towards recycling in the carpet industry by patronizing carpet manufacturers that use recycled materials in the production of their carpets. Nowadays, there are carpets with significantly lower VOC emissions and are made from fibers derived from corn products and even recycled plastic bottles and old recycled carpets.