How Green Carpet Cleaning Techniques Minimizes Environmental Waste

Traditionally, carpet cleaning methods make use of chemical substances such as soaps, cleaners, detergents, shampoos and solvents to remove stains and give carpets a deep clean. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the use of such substances have had a negative impact on the environment, as there have been marine and aquatic life forms that have recently been found to have ingested carpet cleaning chemicals, with the residue being found within their systems.

The effects of such carpet cleaning chemicals and solutions on wildlife aside, the presence of such chemicals in the environment can also negatively impact the life and health of human communities, as well. Even with the practice of safe wastewater disposal methods, it is always possible that some volume of these substances may find themselves tracking into wells, underground waters, lakes, and other sources of drinking water for humans. As such, recent moves have been focused on eliminating the problem right at the source, and instead of using harmful chemical cleaners and solvents, green methods that carpet cleaning salt lake city company employ, including the use of environmentally friendly carpet cleaners, are being pushed forward instead.

In this article, we look at the advantages of shifting to green carpet cleaning methods and cleaners over the more traditional and chemical based carpet cleaning solutions:

  • Water-based carpet cleaners can keep your carpets clean for longer periods of time

One often overlooked effect of using environmentally friendly carpet cleaners is how doing so may help keep your carpets for longer periods of time than if you were to use chemical-based cleaners. This is because chemical-based cleaners are notoriously difficult to remove completely from the carpet. There is almost always some form of residue that gets left on the carpet, even after numerous rinses with water. This is a sticky kind of residue which you might recognize as having a “crunchy” feel among newly-cleaned carpets. Unfortunately, this residue can also potentially attract new dirt again that you might begin wondering how quickly your carpet becomes dirty after every deep cleaning.

On the other hand, water-based carpet cleaners are comparatively easier to wash away, and they hardly leave any residue that could serve as a magnet for dirt, dust, and grime.

  • Green carpet cleaning solutions help maintain the air quality inside your home

The harsh solvents and chemicals that are used to deal with stubborn stains and dirt in your carpets can be harsh enough to adversely affect your family’s health, too. Even after the deep cleaning process is finished, there is almost always some chemical residue that gets left behind on the carpets. Once foot traffic begins tracking across your carpet again, these chemicals could be kicked into the air to mingle with the air and atmosphere inside your home. These are possible potential allergens that could severely compromise your family’s health.

On the other hand, green carpet cleaning methods make it a point to use organic-based substances or cleaners, ones that are naturally occurring in the environment and therefore harmless to humans and the environment. If you find any of your family members or pets beginning to suffer from dizziness, headaches or respiratory ailments, or even dermatological problems soon after your carpets have been deep-cleaned, you may want to look at the possibility of shifting to more natural cleaning methods and products. If you hire carpet cleaners to do the work for you, interview them regarding the methods and the products that they use. More recently, some carpet cleaning companies have been promoting green carpet cleaning techniques and processes, with specially-formulated products that contain minimal chemicals while still providing effective deep cleaning. You may want to expand your search to green carpet cleaning companies in that case.

  • Green carpet cleaning methods minimize the environmental waste that results from carpet cleaning processes

One great concern that has been recently voiced about the carpet cleaning industry is the potential harm that improper disposal of carpet cleaning wastewater can have on the environment. This is because carpet cleaners that make use of traditional carpet cleaning methods, and traditional carpet cleaning, chemical-based products, will inevitably produce wastewater that contains the harmful chemicals and solvents that were components of the cleaning products, and also all the dirt, grease, grime, and human waste that were removed from the carpet itself using those chemicals. The result is a potentially lethal or toxic wastewater combination whose improper disposal has raised enough concerns among communities so much so that state legislatures have begun to prescribe guidelines for what is considered “proper disposal” of wastewater in the carpet cleaning industry.

On the other hand, if you make use of “green” or environmentally friendly carpet cleaners in the first place, consisting of water-based, organic substances that occur naturally in the environment, these are expected to have minimal or little impact on the natural environment should they find their way into waters and streams.