Serbia as a destination

Serbia is a special country, with unique culture, history and heritage. All of this makes visitors of Serbia amazed at what thay can see and discover in this beautifull country.

About 25 different nations call Serbia home, all of them have their own customs and culture. So it can be said that Serbia is a giant melting pot of nations. Country is located on a spot that connects Europe and Asia, that is the reason why many people have passed through this region. Some of them were settlers and some were warriors, but all of them have added something to what Serbia can offer to its visitors today.

One of the oldest urban settlements is located here Lepenski Vir (dated 6500 b.c.), one of the biggest plain fortress in Europe is Smederevo(model for it was Constantinople), second largest fortress in whole Europe is Petrovaradin Fortress, the biggest gorge in Europe is Djerdap gorge, one of the four roman capitals Sirmius is also here, fabulous medieval monasteries such as Studenica, impresive national parks as Tara, and much more is here for you to discover.

But the greatest treasure of our country are not material goods, but people. People have passed many hardships in passed decades but still they are always ready for laugh, have great sense of hospitality and are trying for are better tomorrow.

Discover Serbia

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