International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)

ISWA is a global, independent and non-profit organization whose work is focused on
promotion and development of sustainable and professional waste management.
The vision of the association is a clean planet whose waste is efficiently used and
reduced, and then collected, recycled and treated in an adequate manner so that
everyone could exercise their right to and environment with clean air, water, seas
and land.

ISWA is open for individuals and organizations from the field of science, public
institutions and companies involved in or interested in improving their work in this
field. As the leading global association for solid waste management, with members from
over 100 countries, ISWA enables networking and exchange of ideas, knowledge
and experience with professionals from the entire world.

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Serbian Solid Waste Management Association

Serbian Solid Waste Management Association is a consortium of parties interested
in promoting sustainable development and realization of projects of sustainable
waste management. It is comprised of experts, scientists and professionals from
design, urban planning and consulting companies, research institutes and employees
from the public sector.

The main goal of the Association is to promote modern waste management principles
that are economically acceptable to Serbia, as well as development of legal and
institutional frameworks that will support development of the waste management
sector in the Republic of Serbia. Serbian Solid Waste Management Association
(SeSWA) has been a national member of the International Solid Waste Association
(ISWA) since September 2007.

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ISWA World Congress

The most important expert conference that ISWA organizes is the annual ISWA World
Congress. This is an event that brings together in one place and connects all the parties
interested in the global problem of solid waste. Every year, representatives of scientific
and expert community, representatives of global corporations from this area and political
and state officials actively participate in the World Congress.

After 30 years, the International Solid Waste Association has, for the first time, entrusted
a country from Southeast Europe to organize the World Congress. In 2016, Novi Sad will
secure Serbia a proactive role in the global movement that leads to preservation and
improvement of our planet.


SEPTEMBER 19-21 2016

MASTER Congress Centre, Novi Sad, Serbia


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About the ISWA 2016 conference

Inadequate waste disposal is one of the biggest problems of countries of Southeast Europe, including Serbia. Organized and well-thought out system of waste management would achieve positive economic effects and reduce the negative impact on the environment and people’s health. Therefore, it is a great honour that Novi Sad will host the ISWA 2016 World Congress, which will contribute to the general environmental awareness of citizens, as well as to the promotion of environmental values and culture, so we could raise awareness of each citizen to consider waste an energy resource and raw material. ISWA World Congress is an opportunity for Novi Sad to affirm itself as a socially-responsible city, ready to meet EU regulations in the waste management area, as well as to find solutions for one of the biggest challenges in environmental protection – waste disposal.

Miloš Vučević, Mayor of Novi Sad

How will Southeast Europe reach the standards and goals of waste management set out in the EU directive? We know that countries such as Austria, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan, etc. took over 30 years to reach high levels of waste management that they currently have. Can Southeast Europe reduce this deadline to a decade? How and at what cost? How will this be financed? Which technologies will be used? What type of laws and regulations are needed to achieve that? How will authorities communicate to citizens the choices before them? What kind of lessons can be learned from the successful and failed attempts of other countries? Which sciences and studies can be applied in the region? These are the topics, challenges and debates I expect on ISWA World Congress in Novi Sad in 2016. This congress will help us find a way toward that. I immensely look forward to it and I expect you there.

David Newman, President of ISWA

The complexity of waste management problem is best viewed in the fact that there are no two countries with an identical mechanism for waste collection and treatment. Successful of individual solutions in the Southeast Europe region has an additional importance when taking into account the fact that they were implemented in environments with insufficiently developed economy. Proper consideration of all the solutions, regardless of their efficiency and level of harmonization with the strictest environmental standards is of utmost importance for decision-makers. ISWA WORLD CONGRESS 2016 will bring together all the parties involved in the waste management process, which is a unique opportunity for exchange of knowledge and experience, on the path to creating sustainable systems that will lead to an upward trend in development and protection of environment.

Goran Vujić, Executive Director of SeSWA

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